Saskia, David & Frank

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Saskia is a Dutch journalist, author, and the founder of Together with her family, which includes her husband David and their son Frank (born in 2015), she is on a mission to explore sustainable living. David is a skilled (vegetarian) cook, while young Frank’s passion lies in learning about animals and the wonders of nature. His favorite creatures are water bears, and he aspires to become a sustainable chef when he grows up, possibly even a YouTube star, or both. Together, they are rediscovering the beauty of vacations closer to home. Their journey is documented on Instagram ( serves as the lifestyle magazine for individuals committed to living more sustainably. What initially began as a personal journey in 2020 towards a more conscious lifestyle has since evolved into a prominent sustainable lifestyle brand in the Netherlands. Together with a dedicated editorial team, Saskia strives to inspire as many people as possible to make eco-friendly choices.