Become a green model or influencer?

We are always looking for green models and green influencers. Do you fit in with our green mission? Then fill out the form on this page only if you meet the following requirements.


  • You have shooting experience. (including kids)
  • You have an extensive and up-to-date professional modeling portfolio.
  • You are vegetarian/vegan.
  • You are passionate about sustainability.
  • You do not shoot for fast fashion brands/ casinos and oil companies.

    General info

    About you

    Show yourself

    Send multiple photos where you can be clearly seen. Send natural photos with as little makeup as possible and it is best if they were taken in nature. Make sure your face, body, and energy are clearly visible. We are not looking for sour-faced models, but happy ones with a strong vision! You probably have a lot of amazing photo's use WeTransfer and drop the share link down below for us to see.

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